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We know that finding the best price for new scooter tyres can take a lot of time. That is why we are committed to guiding you through the prices from various online retailers so that you can find the best scooter tyres. With Tyrecomp, you will not have to worry anymore about your tyres when riding your scooter!

Why should I compare scooter tyre prices online?

Prices for scooter tyres vary a lot and you probably do not have time to constantly check the large amount of online shops. Therefore the easiest way for you to quickly find the best deal is to compare scooter tyre prices on a single website: Tyrecomp!

Our search engine compares scooter tyre prices from various retailers such as 123 Tyres, MyTyres and Pneus Online while offering you a wide choice among many tyre brands. All of our partners are carefully selected so that you can buy your scooter tyres without any doubt!

How can I find scooter tyres on Tyrecomp?

Enter the dimensions of your scooter tyre in our search engine, including width, height, diameter, along with load and speed ratings. Then click on "Search" to generate a list of results and have an overview of the prices for scooter tyres. There, you choose the one that suits you best.

How can I find out the size of my scooter tyres?

The information on the tyre dimensions for your scooter can be found in the vehicle documentation. Be aware that you cannot fit scooter tyres with lower load and speed ratings. Tyres that do not comply with this requirement may endanger your life and their use on your vehicle is therefore prohibited. However, having tyres with higher load and speed ratings is not a problem. If you need more information on tyre registration, do not hesitate to visit the tyre manufacturers' website or contact your scooter manufacturer.

How do I compare scooter tyre prices on Tyrecomp?

Tyrecomp displays the prices by ascending order, always including the delivery costs. If you want to refine your search, use the filters on the left of the result list. They allow you to compare the prices from different manufacturers and retailers, to choose the season and to set a price range according to your budget.

Once you have chosen the best tyres for your scooter, click on “Visit store”. You will be redirected to our partner retailer’s online shop to purchase your new scooter tyres.


Are cheap scooter tyres safe?

If you choose the cheap tyres that are displayed at beginning of our price lists, you will surely save money. However, budget tyres are not always the best choice: they tend to wear out faster, to provide less driving stability and to cause a higher fuel consumption. Therefore, the cheapest tyres are not always the best ones. Therefore instead of saving money at any cost when buying tyres, use Tyrecomp to compare the prices of quality tyres and purchase them for less.

What tyres for my scooter?

When choosing new tyres for your scooter, you must not only take into account their dimensions and your budget, but also find tyres that match your driving style and the conditions you drive in. As a matter of fact, unlike bikers, scooter drivers use their vehicle all year long to travel shorter distances in urban areas. Manufacturers have therefore developed tyres with both, a short warm-up time and a high grip, under any weather condition.

What are the existing scooter tyre types?

Scooter tyres can be divided in four main types according to your driving style: city and touring tyres, sport tyres and off-road tyres. You will notice that the names of the categories vary from retailer to retailer, causing sometimes some confusion. That is why we advise you to pay attention to the models’ name when comparing the scooter tyre prices.

Scooter city tyres

If you use your scooter mainly in urban areas, city tyres are the best match for you! Their proper tread pattern provides an ideal grip on all types of urban surfaces. They are also very resistant to wear and tear, allowing you to wander indefinitely across the paved and asphalted roads.

Scooter touring tyres

Touring tyres for scooter are quite similar to motorcycle tyres. They are designed to run under any weather condition. Their great wear resistance allows you to drive on endless roads without having to worry about anything.

Moped tyres

If you like to drive mopeds, finding suited tyres will be easy! Moped tyres are usually narrower and their diameter tends to be larger than for other scooter tyres. Their grip and wear resistance give them an ideal handling and durability.

Scooter sport tyres

As a lover of high speeds, you surely will not be disappointed by the sport tyres for scooters. Their soft rubber provides an unrivalled grip on the road but also on the (race) track. Therefore, if you use your scooter for sports competitions as well, fit sport tyres to get an unfailing reactivity.

Off-road scooter tyres

Do not be afraid to go off-road with your scooter! Off-road scooter tyres are especially designed for it: they have a significantly larger negative tread pattern than city tyres. You can therefore use them to drive on dirt paths, whether in the forest or on country roads. It is also possible to use them on road, at the expense of poorer performance in terms of road handling, rolling noise and longevity.

Vintage tyres for scooters

Do you like the retro style? If the answer is yes, then vintage tyres will perfectly suit you! They differ from other road tyres in terms of appearance but not performance. Some of them even keep the white strips of older models. This will give an all new twist to your scooter!

Scooter winter tyres

When we think about scooters, we do not necessarily imagine driving in winter conditions. Yet, if you want to venture out on the snow with your scooter, do not hesitate to fit winter tyres. Their rubber and tread pattern provide them good flexibility and grip at very low temperatures, on slippery and snowy ground.

Tyres for electric scooters

For electric scooter tyres, nothing changes! You can choose among the same tyre categories as other scooter types, while making sure that they are suited to the size of your scooter and the conditions in which you ride.

What are the best scooter tyre brands?

Scooter drivers can rely on the tyres of brands such as Bridgestone, Dunlop, Michelin, Pirelli and Metzeler. However, you must again make sure that your scooter tyres are adapted to your driving style and the weather conditions. Also, just as for motorcycle tyres, you should choose the latest models, guaranteeing this way the best technical performance. The newest scooter tyre models that came out in 2020 are Metzeler Roadtec Scooter and Michelin City Grip 2.

Where can I get my scooter tyres fitted near me?

Many online retailers display the addresses and fitting prices of their partner fitting centres near you. However, please note that the prices can vary according to the type of scooter you have. That is why you should always ask about the exact price by contacting the fitting centre beforehand.

Thanks to Tyrecomp nothing will stop you from buying your scooter tyres online. For additional information, you can read our buying guide. If you still have questions about the price comparison for scooter tyres, feel free to contact us directly!