Compare motorcycle tyre prices online with a tyre comparison site

Every new motorcycle season starts with the same question: how can I find new motorcycle tyres for the best price? You do not have to worry anymore: on Tyrecomp, you will find your new motorcycle tyres online in no time!

By entering the dimensions of your tyres, you will get the latest prices for motorcycle tyres in the UK. On Tyrecomp, we compare the prices of about fifteen tyre manufacturers. Pick the best motorbike tyre deal, get your new tyres fitted and ride!

Why should I compare motorcycle tyre prices?

If you do not compare tyre prices before purchasing new motorcycle tyres you risk losing a lot of money because tyre prices fluctuate constantly. In order to avoid wasting time and money, Tyrecomp provides a ranking of all motorcycle tyre deals in the UK on a single website. Our service is free of charge and prices are updated every hour to help you find the best price for your motorcycle tyres.

We list a wide range of the cheapest motorbike depending on your criteria. Whether you are a fan of classic motorcycles, a rally rider or an off-road adventurer - on you can find the best prices for any motorcycle tyre!

How can I find motorbike tyres on Tyrecomp?

First you need to enter the width, height, diameter along with the load index and speed rating in the search boxes above. Once you have filled in all the search criteria, click on “Search”. The tyre search engine will display a list of motorcycle tyre prices from many retailers such as Pneus Online, 123 Tyres and MyTyres.

To find out the features of your tyres, look in the papers of your motorcycle. There you will find the minimum dimensions, load and speed ratings to be respected. Note that you can fit tyres with load and speed ratings higher than the original specifications. However, for safety reasons, you must not fit tyres with lower load and speed ratings. If you have any doubt, ask a professional for advice!


How do I compare motorbike tyre prices on Tyrecomp?

Tyrecomp sorts the prices for motorcycle tyres in ascending order, starting from the lowest ones. The filters of the left column allow you to further refine your search. You can simply choose the brands and retailers you prefer or compare the motorcycle tyre prices of a single model. Once you have found the best value motorcycle tyres, click on "Visit store". You will then be redirected to the online shop of Tyrecomp’s partner retailer. There you can buy your motorcycle tyres with your eyes closed!

Tyrecomp is fully independent and none of our trading partners can pay us to affect the results.

Are cheap motorcycle tyres dangerous?

By consulting our motorcycle tyre price lists, you will surely be tempted to buy the cheapest ones. However, budget motorcycle tyres wear out faster and therefore often have a shorter lifespan, are less efficient in handling and lead to a higher fuel consumption.

Also, in order to save money some bikers decide to buy the same model of tyre as the one they rode the previous season. Older tyre models are indeed often cheaper but they also prove to lack quality and performance. That is why we recommend to compare the prices of the newest motorcycle tyre models instead of saving money at any cost.

In any case you should always look for the best value tyres rather than the cheapest motorcycle tyres.

What tyres for my motorcycle?

The tyres you choose depend on the terrain you drive on as well as on your driving style and budget. Before buying your motorcycle tyres online, you should therefore ask yourself several questions in order to find the right motorcycle tyre: in what weather conditions do you ride a motorcycle? How often do you use your motorcycle? Do you use it every day to get to work? Or do you take your motorcycle for long rides in the countryside? Are you a speed freak on the track? Or do you prefer off-road adventures?

What are the existing motorcycle tyre types?

The motorcycle tyre market is divided into on-road tyres and off-road tyres. In both categories you will find further subcategories, adapted to different machines, locations and driving styles, whether urban, sporty or adventurous!

In any case, our motorcycle tyre comparison site offers many possibilities according to your desires. Once you know what kind of biker you are, you just need to go through the different main types of tyres to find the one that suits you best.

On-road tyres

Touring tyres

If you look for motorcycle tyres intended for urban and daily use, rain or shine, the touring tyres will fit you like a glove! They are designed for road use only and will drive you to work in no time. Their hard rubber and many tread patterns offer an effective grip on wet surfaces as well as a good drivability and longevity. They last twice to three times longer than sportier models, saving you money for a while! Thanks to the improvements of their grip, experts believe that even some sport motorcycles can be fitted with the most recent models of touring tyres.

Classic tyres

Classic tyres, also known as vintage tyres bring back your best memories as a young biker. This kind of tyres copy the style of old tyres while having the same performance as the most recent touring tyres. Intended for on-road use, they are not outdone when it comes to endurance and grip on wet roads. However, their cornering ability is not as good as that of modern design tyres. Still, if you like the look of a retro motorcycle tyre for road use, do not hesitate to buy classic motorcycle tyres!

Custom tyres

Long rides on endless roads with your Harley Davidson require tyres adapted to the heavy loads. Custom tyres, also known as cruiser tyres, are perfectly suited to this kind of constraints. They are very resistant in the long term and provide good driving comfort. When choosing new custom tyres, the appearance is as important as the performance. Tyre brands have understood this aspect and therefore also offer coloured models.

Sport tyres

If you are one of those who like high speeds in the twists and turns of a mountain or on the motorway, sport tyres will meet your expectations. Sport tyres are the most common original tyres fitted on sport motorbikes. According to homologation, sport tyres are approved for road use only but can be occasionally used on racetracks. They offer great safety and handling at high speeds. Sport tyres are very effective on dry roads but less on wet surfaces because of a smaller amount of tread patterns as touring tyres for example. They are made with soft rubber, making them more sensitive to wear and giving them a lower longevity than other types of tyres.

Racing tyres

You are a racing enthusiast and wish to push your limits even further, but this time on track? Racing tyres are the perfect fit for you! They are suited for all track racing lovers who wants to get to the finish line first. They are made of a soft rubber that enables coping with high speeds and accelerations as well as with strong braking. Racing tyres also offer unrivalled grip at extreme angles of inclination. However, you will notice that, just as a racer after a racetrack competition, the tyres will get tired and worn out very quickly.

On the racing tyre market, we also find slick track tyres which provide an even better contact with the ground. However, please note that these particular tyres are prohibited on the road due to the lack of tread pattern which makes them dangerous on wet surfaces.

In any case, for the optimum performance, remember to warm up your track tyres before you hit the racetrack.

Off-road tyres

Trail tyres

You want to drive from time to time on dirt paths? Motorcycle trail tyres turn to be true mixed tyres, providing a 50/50 use for both road and off-road purposes. They are made of hard rubber and wide tread patterns that offer great longevity and grip on soft grounds. However, they have a low contact surface with the ground and are therefore less efficient if you use them only for road purposes. Trail tyres are neither the best performing tyres off paved roads. They simply offer a balanced use if it is what you are looking for.

Motocross tyres

It is time for a total off-road adventure! Motocross tyres are designed to face all types of terrains, whether meadows, gravel, dirt tracks or quarries, soft and intermediate soils but also hard and muddy paths. This requires strong tyres that are not sensitive to punctures and that benefit from grip and traction on the ground in all circumstances and on all types of terrain. Their wide spikes and reinforced rubber give them a high off-road grip. As you can understand, they are not designed for the road, and for good reason: they are simply not suited for cornering and wet traction.

If you love off-road motorcycle sports, you will not be disappointed either. You can fit this type of tyres for enduro, motocross and trial competitions! Enduro tyres are also available in a hard version for even more grip on hard and rocky ground.

What are the best motorcycle tyre brands?

Once you know which type of motorbike tyres corresponds the most to your driving style, you need to look for the best brand in the chosen category. Just because a brand is a well-known premium brand does not mean that it manufactures the best models in all of the tyre categories. In order to find out which are the best models in each category, you might check out websites or YouTube channels dedicated to motorbikes which often review new tyre models.

Recent tests reveal that the Pirelli Angel GT, Metzeler Roadtec 01, Dunlop RoadSmart III and Michelin Pilot Road 5 models are vying for first place of the best touring tyres, some of them being even a little sporty. For vintage tyres go for Michelin Pilot Activ, Pirelli Phantom Sportscomp or Continental Classic Attack. If you are looking for custom tyres, the Michelin Commander II, Continental Conti Tour and Bridgestone Battlecruise H50 models will offer a high durability for your road trips. If you wish to reach high speeds, the Bridgestone Battlax S22, Pirelli Diablo Rosso III and Dunlop SportSmart Mk3 are surely the most suitable hypersport tyres. If you only ride on the track, you should go for the Pirelli Supercorsa SP, Dunlop SportSmart TT or Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa II tyres.

For short dirt road trips, the Michelin Anakee Adventure, Continental ContiTrailAttack 3 and Pirelli Scorpion Trail II tyres will fit the bill. However, if your passion is truly off-road, you should consider buying Pirelli Scorpion Rally, Michelin Anakee Wild, Metzeler Karoo 3 or Dunlop MX Range cross tyres.

You can therefore choose your motorcycle tyres among a wide range of models that have different ratios of grip. That is why, whichever tyres you choose, remember that you must not mix different models on the front and rear.

Where can I get my motorcycle tyres fitted?

When your order motorcycle tyres online you usually have two options: you can either have them delivered to your personal address or directly to a fitting centre where they can be fitted afterwards. Tyre dealers often display a list of the tyre fitting centres near you on their website. There you can also find the fitting costs. However, keep in mind that the fitting prices displayed online are often minimum prices as the time required for fitting varies a lot from one motorcycle to another: some motorcycle tyres such as classic tyres require a special fitting equipment. That is why you should make sure beforehand that the fitting centre is able to fit the motorbike tyres you bought.

You want to learn more about motorcycle tyres deals in the UK? Have a look at our buying guide! If you have any question or comment about our tyre price comparison site, feel free to use our contact form. Have a nice trip!