FULDA tyres


Fulda tyre company was founded in 1900, in the German city with the same name by two businessmen - Gustav Becker and Moritz Hasenclever. In 1901 the company began production of various rubber products. The first products were designed for non-motor vehicles, such as prams and horse-drawn carriages. The famous model Fulda Diadem quickly became a best-seller among fans of two wheels. In 1921, Fulda Riesenkissenreifen became premier tyre for trucks in Europe, while other manufacturers - such as Continental and Dunlop - use this technology under license. In 1933 Fulda enters the luxury car market. In 1966 the company was acquired by American tyre manufacturer - Goodyear, based in Akron, Ohio. The new identity of Fulda company uses the slogan “Black. Wide. Strong” - this became another integral part of the corporate image of Fulda. In 2011, the company organized the coldest Fulda premiere in history - at -45 ° C in Inuvik, the most northerly residential area of Canada, to present SportControl tyre.