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Declaration CNIL In accordance with the law « computing and freedom » of the 6 January 1978, edited in 2004, the collection and processing of personal data on has been subject of a declaration to the CNIL registered on May 21st 2012 under the file number 1588122. JYMEO collects on its website information given willingly by the user. This allows JYMEO to consult or receive information related to its website's activity. Personal data has to be provided by the user in order to access certain services (contact form, newsletter registration). In the opposite case, the user cannot access these services. JYMEO also collects users' IP addresses automatically. These addresses are not shared to any third party. They are only used to constitue statistical data based on users' behaviour. The user has the right to access and edit information about him. He can apply this right by writing a letter to the following address: JYMEO, 8 rue Alfred Kastler, 44300 NANTES

General Conditions of Use of the Website

1 - Description of Services
JYMEO offers at no cost and without prior subscription price comparison services for auto parts (in particular tyres) from e-commerce sites listed by JYMEO. The results displayed during the use of JYMEO services are not an exhaustive list of available online offers, it is taken from the data collected from e-commerce sites listed by JYMEO. This data is updated periodically. If you wish to purchase a product, you must visit the matching e-commerce website. Traders are third parties. In this regard, when you use the services offered by a trader and when you go to a matching e-commerce website from a website owned by JYMEO, you accept its own General Conditions of Sale and General Conditions of Use. JYMEO does not take part in your exchanges with this retailer. Similarly, if you order a product, provided the acceptance of your order by the trader concerned, the price applied shall be the one indicated on the trader's website at the time of purchase, without any claim being possible against JYMEO. The use of the services offered by JYMEO is solely and exclusively reserved for physical persons acting on their own behalf. Any commercial or profit use of whole or in part, of the services or the access to JYMEO's services is therefore forbidden. You should not under any circumstances reuse the results of JYMEO's websites by reformatting and displaying it, nor reproducing the home page of the websites owned by JYMEO or any search result pages anywhere or on third party websites. In order to use the services, via your computer or any other device, you must have access to the web with a fast enough internet connection speed. Any costs or charges should be paid solely by the user. Moreover, you should have all the computer hardware necessary to access the internet. It shall be upon you to ensure that your hardware and software do not disturb or interfere with JYMEO's services in any way. Any commercial use of JYMEO's search services needs a prior authorization by JYMEO and it shall be the object of a specific agreement.
2 - Acceptance of conditions of use
By using or viewing the services provided by JYMEO, the user (hereinafter referred to as 'You' or as 'User') hereby confirms to be aware of the present General Conditions Of Use. These can be modified at any moment without prior notice by JYMEO. If you fail to accept the present General Conditions of Use, you must immediately leave JYMEO's website.
3 - Liability of JYMEO
JYMEO does not guarantee under any circumstances that it can find the cheapest prices among tyre retailers and it does not guarantee under no circumstances the suitability or veracity of the information provided by the trader's websites reproduced on JYMEO's websites. All retailers listed on JYMEO's websites are free to modify the prices and information of their products at any time, and therefore JYMEO encourages its users to constantly verify the content and veracity of this information. Purchases are undertaken on websites which do not belong to JYMEO. These purchases are not therefore guaranteed by JYMEO. JYMEO does not guarantee the respect of legislation and regulations about online sales, cooling-off periods, deliveries, exchanges, reimbursement, warranties, intellectual property rights, and conservation of personal data by trader sites. JYMEO may not under any circumstances be held responsible for any prejudice, whether direct or indirect, that the use of information it publishes and/or products or services offered by traders should occasion on any user of the website and any prejudice linked to a purchase on a trader's website listed by JYMEO. Any false or incorrect information, any problem or dispute which may arise between a trader site and the user may not, under any circumstances, take by granted the liability of JYMEO or its management. JYMEO may not be held liable in this regard. During comparison of prices, JYMEO shall not consider any rebates, discounts or other promotions related to the sale of product as grouped which may affect the price. JYMEO may not be held liable for comparative advertising. The price comparison service offered by JYMEO is not a comparative advertising service. Since the only information given by JYMEO is the comparison of prices, there are many other elements which JYMEO does not take into consideration.
4 - Intellectual property
All content present on JYMEO's websites (graphics, images, text, logos, gifs and icons, formatting) are protected by copyright, trademark, patent laws, or all other intellectual property rights recognized by legislation in force. The use of the services offered by JYMEO does not confer any property rights whatsoever upon the user in regard to the site’s content. The reproduction, imitation and use, of any nature whatsoever, in whole or in part of content protected by intellectual property rights without prior written consent by the holder of such rights and its successors is therefore forbidden.
5 - Payment method
The user is aware that when making a purchase via JYMEO, JYMEO may receive, by virtue of a partnership agreement, affiliation agreement or other, a payment due to the purchase of a product undertaken by the user. The user hereby accepts this payment to be made to JYMEO and cannot hold JYMEO liable due to the purchase or this payment.
6 - JYMEO data protection policy
Consultation of our services and the connection method used with the Trader website does not require any prior subscription or identification with JYMEO. Any subscription data collected during use of certain services and IP addresses collected directly by JYMEO at the time of using the services are processed in full respect of the principles of data protection as outlined by the current legislation. JYMEO may use cookies and other click counter systems to determine the number of successful visits for listed Traders. You can configure the settings of your web browser so as to accept the use of cookies sent by sites you visit, so as to systematically reject these cookies or so as to prompt you on each occasion whether or not you wish to accept cookies. Technical information for configuration of your web browser is available on the official website of the browser you use. Moreover, optional subscription to the newsletter requires prior entry of your email address. You have a right to access, modify, oppose and delete personal data which can be exercised by writing to: JYMEO, 8 rue Alfred Kastler, 44300 NANTES, FRANCE
7 - Guarantees
You hereby acknowledge and agree as follows: - The free service is designed for non professional, reasonable and normal use by a wide range of users. - Given the nature of services, and the maintenance requirements, JYMEO is unable to guarantee absolute continuity of services. In the event of interruption to the services, JYMEO shall implement all reasonable means to resolve this as soon as practically possible. - JYMEO shall make all best efforts to provide you with the most updated, accurate and complete information possible, concerning products and service offers by Traders listed on its website. However, since this information and data is provided by listed Traders and it is then processed and automatically reproduced on its website, JYMEO cannot, due to technical restrictions, guarantee absolute accuracy thereof. Consequently and in light of the fact that JYMEO is not a commercial website and that the sale is undertaken on the website of listed Traders, in the event of any discrepancies between information and data displayed on the JYMEO website and that displayed on the website of the Trader, the latter shall prevail. We hereby invite our users to notify us of any discrepancies noted between the website of JYMEO and the Trader's website: Please contact through the contact form.