Compare prices on Tyrecomp to get the best tractor tyre deals

You have to plough the fields, transport your crops or do forestry work with your tractor? Your productivity and comfort start with durable tyres that are adapted to different surfaces. However, we are aware that the prices for quality tractor tyres may discourage you. That is why Tyrecomp exists! We make it easier for you to compare prices in order to buy agricultural tyres without ruining your business.

Why should I compare agricultural tyres on Tyrecomp?

If you are tired of looking for your ideal tractor tyres in the many online shops without knowing if they have the best value for money or if the prices are not going to change in a flash, you have come to the right place! Tyrecomp will make you save precious time and money by providing updated tractor tyre price lists so that you will never miss the best deals in the UK.

You will find a great variety of manufacturers and reliable retailers such as Mytyres and Tyre Guru. No matter what your budget is, you will always find the right tyre on our price comparison site!

How can I find tractor tyre deals?

Enter the width, profile and diameter along with the load and speed ratings of your agricultural tyres in our search engine. Then click on “Search” to load the tyre price list.

You can find your tyre sizes directly on your current tractor tyres or in the papers of your vehicle. Be aware that older tyres are sometimes marked in inches. But do not worry, some tyre dealers provide a list of equivalence on their website so that you do not get lost. If you have any doubt, ask a professional for advice.

How do I compare agricultural tyre prices on Tyrecomp?

The price list always displays the tyres from the cheapest to the most expensive one, including VAT. To refine your search, select the brands and retailers that you want to compare in the left column. You can also set a price range to get only the tractor tyres that fit your budget. Once you found the best tractor tyre, click on “Visit store” to go on the tyre dealer’s website. There you will be able to purchase your new agricultural tyres.


Are budget tractor tyres worth buying?

Tractor tyres can indeed be expensive. It is therefore understandable that some people prefer to buy the cheapest ones. But even if budget agricultural tyres will cost you less at the time of purchase, they will not necessarily be cost effective in the long run because of the sizable operating costs. First you will notice that they wear out faster due to unreinforced sidewalls or an overly stiff casing, resulting in a risk of failure and more frequent replacement. Moreover, cheap tractor tyres can slip and damage the soils more easily because of their inadequate contact area – quite a problem when these soils are fertile lands. Your comfort can also be affected because budget tyres have a lower capacity to reduce vibrations and rolling noises than quality tyres. All these drawbacks put together may contribute to increasing your fuel consumption and reducing your productivity. So, if you want well performing tyres for your tractor, think long term and good value for money, you will not regret it!

Which agricultural tyres should I choose?

Selecting the right tractor tyres online is not only a matter of budget. It also depends on the type of work you undertake and the soil you encounter while considering practical criteria such as traction, slippage, vibration and handling. There are many agricultural activities resulting in a wide variety of cross-ply and radial tyres.

What are the different types of tractor tyres in the UK?

Farm tyres

Farming can be tough on tyres but do not worry! The farm tyres' soft rubber and aggressive tread pattern will provide you good traction while working in the fields. They have a low-pressure capacity that generates a wider contact area and therefore limits the soil compression, a key criterion to preserve the quality of your fields. These agricultural tyres can also carry the weight and towing of heavy tools. Some ranges such as IF (Improve Flexion) tyres have a special casing designed to support 20% more load. Whether you need to harvest or spray your fields, farm tyres will adapt to all weather conditions and are available for both wide and narrow wheels.

Multipurpose tyres

Multipurpose tyres are quite versatile and are designed for towing heavy tools or loaded trailers between the farm and the fields. Therefore, these tyres also provide a great grip and driveability both on the road and in the fields. More and more multipurpose tyres have the VF (Very Improve Flexion) technology, made to carry up to 40% more weight and to keep you from changing pressure from one type of soil or speed level to another. You will subsequently increase productivity while saving time and fuel. However, remember to change the pressure according to the load you carry.

Forestry tyres

Forestry tyres are robust to face difficult and congested terrains (branches, flint, etc.). Their rubber and often reinforced steel casing make the sidewalls very resistant to puncture. Forestry tyres do not compress the soils so that nature can take over once the work is completed. Made with low-pressure features, these tractor tyres often have self-cleaning profiles. There is nothing better than forestry tyres to start your working day with peace of mind!

Tractor implement and trailer tyres

Trailer tyres have a robust structure that is designed to carry the various loads to which your trailer may be subjected. These low-pressure tyres allow your entire agricultural machine to respect the soils. Whether you have a standard trailer or a towing bucket, on Tyrecomp you will always find tyres with suited dimensions. Please note that this list of tractor tyre types is non-exhaustive. On the dealers' websites are also many tractor tyres suited to other activities such as viticulture, arboriculture and livestock farming.

What are the best tractor tyre brands in the UK?

Several tyre manufacturers specialised in tractor tyres are now quite famous on the market. Among them are for example Trelleborg, BKT and Cultor. Do not hesitate either to buy your tyres from major brands such as Michelin, Continental and Bridgestone, who are always at the forefront of technology. Whatever the agricultural machines you work with – a harvester, a scraper or a sprayer – you can find the fitting tyres among these brands and many others on Tyrecomp!

How can I get my tractor tyres fitted near me?

Once you bought your new tractor tyres online at an affordable price, one question remains: how can I get these big tyres fitted? Whether you are in Bristol or Newcastle, our partner dealers make available lists of nearby fitting centres so that you can ask if they can fit your new agricultural tyres. By contacting them, you can also schedule an appointment and ask for a quote. They will generally offer you two options: have your tyres fitted at the garage or have the mechanic coming to your doorstep, thus saving you a cumbersome trip.

Now you know that the choice of your tractor tyres is decisive for the preservation of your soils. Use Tyrecomp to find quality tyres at the lowest price! If you have any questions or comments about the tractor tyre comparison, you can either have a look at our guide or contact us directly. Customer satisfaction is our priority!