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Compare tyre prices by using a tyre comparison website

Why should I use a tyre price comparison site to compare car tyre prices in the UK?

If you need to buy new tyres, you will probably contact your car dealer, then check tyre prices at the nearest car centre or garage, then at another and so on. Not to mention that if you go online, you will have to compare tyre prices on more than thirty tyre websites. This can rapidly become time consuming and does not guarantee the best tyre prices. Then, if you are tired of wondering “where can I find the best tyre prices near me”, here is a simple and close solution for you: use a tyre comparison site!

The benefits of a car tyre price comparison website

Now you understand that you will save time and money by using a tyre price comparison site. Do not waste another second to search for the best tyre prices. Summer tyres, winter tyres, all-season tyres: you can have a list of the best tyre deals in the UK on a single website. Thousands of new tyre prices are at your fingertips to help you keep your money in your pocket!

Why should I use to find the best tyre deals?

100% free
Efficient is an independent, user-friendly, effective and free tyre comparison site! Since 2009 we have been guiding you to compare tyre prices and we have been gaining ground with our tyre comparison site in the UK. The tyre search engine we developed enables you to find, in just a few clicks, rock-bottom prices for tyres. We collaborate with a dozen of reliable and reputed tyre dealers who were carefully selected. More than 1 million users rely on our service, join us!

How does a tyre comparison site work?

How does Tyrecomp get the best tyre prices near me?

Professionals relay their tyre cost catalogue to us, so that we can update prices on our tyre comparison site every hour. This leads to up to hundreds of millions of updates each month. You can therefore get the latest tyre prices just by staying home!

How does Tyrecomp sort tyres?

We only sort tyres according to their full price, delivery included. We do not include the tyre fitting price in our tyre comparison site, but we have planned to do so in the future. Tyrecomp is fully independent and none of our trading partners can pay us to affect the results. The listing you see is only and even-handedly based on new car tyre costs (we do not display used tyres). We display tyre deals in ascending order, from the cheapest tyres to the most expensive. For this reason, you will always find cheap car tyres at the beginning of the result list.

How do I check tyre prices online?

Thanks to you can compare and buy tyres online for unrivalled prices in just a few clicks. You only need to enter your tyre dimensions – width, height, and diameter – in the search boxes along with the tyre load index and speed rating. You find these details on your tyre’s sidewall and in your car documents but if you need additional help, you can always check out our buying guide. This section contains many tips and information about tyre maintenance, tyre fitting, etc.

On our tyre comparison site, you can also specify the tyre brand you want. Around 400 brands are available immediately: premium tyres brands such as Michelin, Continental and Pirelli, intermediary brands such as Nexen and Nokian and not to mention budget tyres and discount tyres.

Once you have filled in the search boxes, click on “search”. Subsequently, you will get a list of the best tyre prices corresponding to your criteria. The results are automatically sorted by price ascending order.

Now you can compare the tyre prices of different models and brands. When you have found the best tyre price, click on “visit store” and purchase your new tyres in our partner’s online shop.

What tyre for my car?

What is the cheapest tyre brand?

Finding cheap tyres is certainly a huge desire among car drivers. At we also know that a good tyre is a tyre that corresponds to your driving style, the types of road you take, the weather and, last but not least, your budget. That is why we do not simply help you choose the cheapest tyres; we also help you find the best value tyres online!

Keep in mind that the cheapest tyres do not always stand for the best tyres. Cheap car tyres – mostly budget tyres – that are on the top of our lists are rarely a good choice. In many cases cheap tyres often go hand in hand with a lower grip and therefore less driving stability. They also have a shorter durability and can give rise to a higher fuel consumption.

What are the best tyre brands?

The variety of brands makes it difficult to choose new tyres. However, results of independent tests available on our tyre comparison site help you choose your brand confidently. The tests consider several criteria, such as tyre grip (on dry or wet ground), stopping distance, fuel consumption and ride comfort.

While premium tyre manufacturers – Michelin, Continental, Pirelli, Goodyear, Dunlop and Hankook – design tyres well-known for their quality, some other brands also offer an excellent value for money.

What are the most popular car tyres in the UK?

The most searched tyres on our tyre comparison site vary depending on the season. While winter gives way to winter tyres, in summer, all-season tyres are gradually gaining ground over summer tyres.

Consumers largely prefer renowned brands. Pirelli, Michelin and Continental are the top 3 tyre brands browsed by the users of Tyrecomp to get tyre prices in the UK.

Where can I order cheap tyres?

Buy cheap tyres online

Even if sometimes we come across a special offer in a garage, this kind of situation is becoming increasingly rare. In more than 99% of the cases, you can find the best tyre prices online only. And for good reason: most of the garages are not able to buy their tyres at prices as competitive as online traders because they have lower sale volumes than online shops. Now you know why you should buy tyres online.

Examples of tyre retailers

What is the best tyre website? compares tyre prices of more than ten tyre websites. Our tyre comparison site works only with selected and trustful online shops. That is why you can buy tyres from these tyre dealers with your eyes closed.

Among these online shops are leaders in online tyre sale such as Mytyres, 123 Tyres, Pneus Online and Valuetyres.

In its tyre price comparison, also makes available tyre websites less known to the public but very aggressive on tyre pricing, such as Gigatyres, Tyres Guru, Alltyres365 and Tyresoutlet.

Where can I get my tyres fitted near me?

While buying tyres online to save money is obvious for some car drivers, it is a surprising choice for others. The main obstacle for buying tyres online is the tyre fitting. Once you have purchased your new car tyres, there remains a question: “Where can I get my tyres fitted?”

Of course, online retailers have already found the answer to this question. On most of the tyre websites you can find a list of partner garages or fitting centres where you can get your car tyres delivered and fitted. Usually, tyre fitting prices are directly displayed on the retailer’s website. The tyre fitting prices depend on the type of tyre – car tyre, 4x4 tyre, van tyre, motorcycle tyre, quad bike tyre, etc. – the tyre size in inches and the type of rim. The prices also include wheel balancing and tyre valve change.

Now you know everything about how to compare tyre prices before ordering car tyres online. No doubt that is the perfect tool to search cheap car tyres. If you need additional information, have a look at our buying guide. For any remaining questions, feel free to contact us via our contact form. We will be happy to help you!